Cool Lawn Farm
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About Us

I am Ken Smith.

We have been farming at Cool Lawn since 1970.  My dad, Charles Smith, relocated to Cool Lawn Farm from Harford County, Maryland.  My grandfather, Ross, started farming north of Baltimore in 1910.  And my great grandfather was a tractor salesman in Baltimore around 1900.  Dad grew up on the farm, but as is so common in farm families even today, Dad eventually had to move away in order to continue a way of life that he deeply loved.

Even though I went through a rebellious phase and worked as a restaurant manager at Rehoboth Beach Delaware, I could never really deny my calling—to proudly be a dairy farmer.  My son is now studying in the agriculture program at Virginia Tech and I hope he takes over the farm in a few years.

 I took over day to day operations of Cool Lawn Farm in 1980 and bought the farm from Dad in 1992. 

Since that time, my wife Pam and I have worked hard to do all the things that we all do as dairymen—improve our property, provide for our families, and try to stay ahead of the changing environmental regulations!

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